CorVive Hydr8

Our HYDR8 supplement helps your body maintain its hydration and is great for the entire family. This is an Oral Rehydration Solution product, and has 4 times the electrolytes of the leading sports drinks, with minimal sugar. You can have this product anytime of the day, whether it is before, during, or after a physical activity.

Having an effective hydration product was important to CorVive Founder Jeremy Fouts. He realized through his athletic endeavors that often teams are re-fueling with beverages that are loaded with artificial ingredients and an overload of sugars. HYDR8 enjoys having the status of being certified as an ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), this healthy alternative has turned out to be a customer favorite.

CorVive is thrilled with the effectiveness of this product and the savory taste profile, since launching the HYDR8 product CorVive has added an additional purchasing option for schools, clubs, and athletic organizations to order this product as an institutional promotion for 50% off. We invite you to join us! If you have an organization that would be interested in setting up an institutional account please contact your CorVive representitive or CorVive customer service today.

This product is great to take when feeling under the weather, during physical activity or anytime you need additional electrolytes to ward off dehydration. This stick pack can be carried around with you at all times and is easily mixed with 8 oz of cold water.

  • Electrolyte Replacement Supplement
  • ½ the sugar of leading sports drinks
  • Gluten Free

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